iPhone Is Not Charging Guide

There is nothing worse than plugging your iPhone to charge only to notice hours later that nothing has happened, basically to find your iPhone not charging. If you are in this situation, you need to know what you should do before you head to the Apple store. There are a number of things that you can try before you have to get the battery changed.

Restart Your iPhone

Many people are actually surprised by the fact that simply restarting your iPhone can solve a lot of problems. Of course, this will not solve some of the more serious problems that your phone could have, but if it is not charging this should be the first thing you try. Before you restart the phone, you should unplug it. Once you have restarted it you can try plugging it in again.

Replace The USB Cable

A problem with your phone may not be the reason why it is not charging. There could be a problem with the USB cable you are using to charge your phone. The only way to determine if this is the problem is to plug your phone in with a different cable. If you find that the cable is the problem, you simply need to a buy a new one which is much cheaper than having to replace your phone battery.

When you buy a new cable, you should look for one that comes with an authorization chip from Apple. You should also ensure that the cable is compatible with your model of iPhone. There are many cables that also come with a warranty and you should consider these first.

Replace The Wall Charger

If you are trying to charge your phone with the wall charger, you might have a problem with the adaptor. To check if this is the case, you should try plugging your phone into your computer and see if it starts to charge. If the phone starts charging, the wall charger will generally be the problem.

As with the USB, when you replace the wall charger, you should get one that is authorized by Apple. You should also look for a warranty and that the adaptor is compatible with your phone.

Check Your USB Port

If you are trying to charge your phone from your computer, you may have a faulty USB port. To test this, you should try plugging your phone into a different USB port on your computer. If the phone starts to charge, you have a faulty port.

If you want to make sure that your port is broken, you should try plugging in another device that you know works. This will help you rule out any issues with your USB ports.

Do Not Charge Using A Keyboard

To ensure that your phone is able to charge, you need to make sure that you are plugging it into the right place. Your iPhone will need a high-speed USB port to charge because it has high power demands. This means that the USB on some keyboards will not work for charging your phone as they do not provide enough power.

If your phone plugged in not charging, you need to ensure that it is plugged into the wall or directly into the computer. If you only have the keyboard USB port available, you should be aware that your phone will take much longer to charge.

Replacing Your Battery

If you have tried everything and your phone is still not charging, you probably have a dead battery. Unfortunately, this is not something that you will be able to replace yourself and you will need to take your phone to the Apple store. You will need to pay for the new battery unless your phone is less than a year old.